Pastor Don Swarthout's book "ACLU's War Against America" has recently been released.

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Christians Reviving America's ValuEs (CRAVE) is a National Not-for-Profit (501c3) Organization founded by Pastor Don Swarthout who defines the organization: "We CRAVE Revival in our Churches and the Restoration of Godly Principles in America".

CRAVE writes 1.5 Million letters to Christians every year. The cost of the program is about $600,000 per year. CRAVE writes these Christians to inform them about how the Supreme Court and others are stealing their American rights.

One of the goals of CRAVE is to educate Christians and Americans of the effort to take away their rights. It is also the goal of Christians Reviving America's ValuEs to stand for, defend, and revive those principles, on behalf of Christians and Americans, that have made the United States of America the beacon of truth and liberty that it is today.

Pastor Don Swarthout has been a leading advocate in the movement to inform Christians and represent their cause in some of the most important issues of our time. Whether it is Defending the Ten Commandments, Exposing the ACLU, Illegal Immigration, Ramos and Compean, Radical Islam, et al., Pastor Swarthout has kept up the charge against those who would erode the rights of Christians and principles of America.

In an effort to spread the word, Pastor Swarthout has issued numerous press releases over the last few years, interviewed on a multitude of popular national television and radio stations in all 50 states, participated in a Ten Commandments case before the Supreme Court by filing an Amicus Brief, frequently travelled to Washington, D.C. to make statements to our elected Senators and Congressmen and all over the nation to speak in front of all types of churches and groups, and much more.
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