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Pastor Don Swarthout
Chairman of the Board

4677 Belvedere Circle
Pace, FL 32571
(850) 736-8613

November 1, 1999 To Present

I have recently been promoted to Chairman of the Board for Christians Reviving America's Values, by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors. For the first 12 years I functioned as the President and the Founder of this organization. Our goal is to defend our Constitution both in the court system and the everyday lives of the American people.

CRAVE writes letters to more than 1,500,000 Christians in America every year. Writing and mailing these letters costs CRAVE more than $675,000 each year. We have written an Amicus Brief for the U.S. Supreme Court which they used in a Ten Commandments case. We have also written to the Texas Bar Association in requesting an investigation into the Texas Attorney General... for his apparent mishandling of the Ramos and Compean Border Agents Case.

During my years of service to CRAVE I have appeared on television at Fox News, CNN, CBN, Daystar, LeSea Television, Sky Angel, KRMT in Denver, KWHD in Denver, WATC in Atlanta and many other television shows. I have been heard on the radio in all 50 states and had several articles written about me by the AP which appeared in the nations newspapers. I have also written 3 books.

During my years at CRAVE I have been invited to speak at numerous Churches across our nation. In 2004 I ran for office in the House of Congress and on all of my television commercials became the only candidate to say, "This is Pastor Don Swarthout and Praise God... I approved this message." My other achievements are far too numerous to mention here.

December 15, 2010 to Present

The Gospel Truth Center, President

Founder and President of a Gospe'l Radio Show on VOTL Radio. I have been rated the Number One Show on this station 6 out of 12 months. We have been rated number two and number three show about 3 times each. This is a Preaching show and is on a station that is largely a music station. The owner of the station said he has never seen anyone before us... be Number One in their first month. Recently I asked the Lord what He wanted me to achieve for the rest of my life here on this earth. The Lord said that He wanted me to continue to Defend Our Constitution. His reasoning is I have already spent 12 years in Washington DC defending our Constitution.

The second thing God told me was to work with Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. His reasoning is that I was an alcoholic more than 23 years ago. I have also helped the Isaiah House in Kentucky and the Good Samaritan Inn in Ohio. I served as a Board Member, confidant for the owner and helped them both financially. Today these are very successful Christian based treatment facilities.

The third thing which God told me was to supply a Christian direction for the lives of College Students which are in our liberal secular colleges. Toward this effort I am planning to establish a preaching show up to 3 times per week on Campus Radio. I was also told to reach young people in our military. People in fox holes tend to believe in God.

The fourth part of God's plan involved spending time in His service. I was told to provide a way for people to become Disciples of God by following Him. I am an Ordained Pastor who has been called by God to help both the young and old become Disciples of God... and not to make them just converts.

In addition to all of this I was reminded about fulfilling the Great Commission. One of the ways in which I will be able to help people is by teaching them HOW TO EASILY UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE. The Bible is not really hard to understand.

My wife and I have been drawn to the Pensacola area to fulfill God's will. Pensacola is largely made up of those who are in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. My wife was very open to the idea of moving to the Pensacola area.

Working to Defend the Constitution, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, College Students, Military Personnel, Leading People to the Lord and reaching out with the Word of God will allow us to reach the young and the old.

In turn, these people will reach out to others who need to hear the Word of God.

We realize that this is a daunting task that will take a lot of people and will take a lot of money. But, God is our source for everything and He will provide both the people and the money to get us started in fulfilling His word.

We believe we are to help God fulfill His word and that God will help us by meeting all of our needs... as long as we are fulfilling His word to us. God has made us some promises and we believe He can... and will... meet these needs with much more than we can ask or think.

If you want to help God... help us... please feel free to contact us.

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