C.R.A.V.E.'s Legacy - What Pastor Don Swarthout has Done Since Starting C.R.A.V.E.

I began CRAVE in 1999 from the Lawsuit over The Ten Commandments which took place in Southeastern Kentucky.  In late 1999 I began CRAVE by filing the necessary paper work with The Internal Revenue Service to become a 501c for income tax purposes.  I was approved for my tax exempt status very soon. 

The purpose of CRAVE was to restore the Constitution to America and to teach our children in school to recognize God,  God's Values so that you can get into Heaven when you die and will have learned to recognize American Exceptionalism.

One friendship turned into friendship with Chief Justice Roy Moore.  I spent many days at the office of the Chief Justice.  I was told about  his plans during a visit to his office.  I told the Chief Justice not to tell me too much more about his plans.  By making this request,  he would know  it wasn't  me who leaked this story.... in the event it was leaked.
In May of 2001 I signed with a letter writing and mailing firm to have them write letters and to do some fundraising for the organization of Christians Reviving America's Values or CRAVE.

I spent all seven days of Chief Justice Moore's trial for displaying the Ten Commandments and I was invited by the Chief Justice to go to lunch with He and His attorneys in 2002.

In 2003+2004 I ran for election to The United States House of Congress. My purpose had NOT changed from Restoring America to the Constitution.  In the year of 2004 I had to skip plans my wife had made for a Cruise.  I did meet Senator Bunning from Kentucky at a dinner for candidates.  I was able to talk to him and found him to be a conservative after my own heart.

I have made many trips to Washington DC from 2001 to 2015 to meet with Congressmen and Senators.   I have delivered many petitions to the United States Supreme Court, Congressmen, Senators and to various members of the U.S. Government.  I have met with many, many of these people.

I have run Christians Reviving America's Values since 1999.  In 2014 my wife, Doris, became the President and I became The Chairman of the Board and The Founder for Christians Reviving Americans Values. 

Daniel Van Gundy has been named  the President of CRAVE CRUSADES in 2013 reporting directly to me.  Daniel Van Gundy also has been appointed to become responsible the whole ministry of Christians Reviving America's Values.   When the time comes... and it will come.

During my 16 years of managing Christians Reviving America's Values I have been seen on television at  Fox News, CNN, TBN, CBN, Daystar in Dallas, Sky Angel,  LeSea Television in South Bend, WATC Television in Atlanta, KWHD, KRMT in Denver and many, many others.

I have been heard on the radio in every state in America and in several foreign countries.  I have written thousands of press releases which have been published in many of the nation's newspapers.

I have been invited to be a guest speaker in many of the Churches in the land.  During the year of 2005 I was the guest speaker in 47 Churches.  I was invited to be a guest speaker from Coast to Coast and Border to Border.

I have written 3 Books.  Two of them I written as a collective effort with Kip Caudill and the other one was written myself.  You can get them on the internet at Amazon.com  They were called "Wake Up America" and the  "ACLU's War Against  America."    

During my time with Christian's Reviving America's Values I have written 2 Amicus Briefs used by The United States Supreme Court to help them decide 2 cases which were religious in nature.
I also sponsored a meeting held in Washington D.C. with 30 National Attendees representing the best ministries in the United States.  This meeting revolved around displaying the Ten Commandments.  My co-host was  Reverend Rob Shenck, the leader and the founder of the Washington D.C. group called Faith and Action.

Once I rented space for a press release at the National Headquarters for Press Releases which cost me something like $500-$1,000 for coffee and rent for 3 hours.  The press release said the office of Texas Attorney General should face the same scrutiny in the Romos and Compean case as did the Processor in the Duke Rape Case.                        

The hardest thing I ever undertook since I became a Pastor in 1993 was learning to preach on the radio.  Learning to preach on the radio was taught  to me by Pastor Billy Douglas. Billy undertook this task February 2, 2011.

It was on that date in February that I began a trek to his Church which was 180 miles away.  I was not that hard a student because I acted as though I were more knowledgeable about  radio than I really was.  It was this pretense that made it easier on Pastor Billy.

I drove to his Church every Friday morning for a little more than two years.  Each session was easier to record my show for airing on his internet radio station which he had been running for about 10 years. 

It was mostly western music and I was preaching.  During the first four weeks it became pretty evident that I was pretty good.  In fact, I was the number one show the first month I was on the air.  Pastor Billy looked at that and said, "I have never seen anyone be number one, after one month."

During the first year I was number one six times.  I was second three times and was never worse than third for the entire year.  I was number one for my first year out with many, many competitors.  I have settled into second or third place during the last 5 years. 

After that I preached on 8 different  stations at one time for a period of one year and then a car accident took away that possibility.  Although the parent company has called me several times to ask me to come back.

Since I have gone to having Pastor Billy rerun my sermons He has had one sermon which have gotten 500 plays and several more that have had more than 150 plays. 

I will keep Pastor Billy because he has been willing to play some of my sermons over.  He is a great help to me.  He has kept every sermon I have done for the past 5 years or so.  It has been just one year since I had to give up the 8 station deal.

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