In the year of 2001, I was hurt on the job and taken to the emergency room diagnosed with two blown discs in my lower back L4 and L5. I was put on Workmen's Compensation along with three days of occupational therapy per week and prescribed 20 Vicodin per day. I had no clue what pain pill addiction would do, not only to me but my whole family. It all started out innocent enough, three days of occupational therapy per week and pain medicine. After about six months of being on pain medication, I came to realize that I could not live without it and I had become addicted. I was always coming up short before my next doctor’s visit and that led me to the streets in the pursuit of pain pills. During that time I was also introduced to cocaine, I remember the first time I did cocaine and OxyContin together. That was the day that everything in my life went south.

After being in my addiction for over four years, I found myself in a place that I could not get out of. I had lost all control of my life. It was a deep dark hopeless situation that I found myself in. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever become a drug addict. I had lost it all; I took my addiction all the way to death. In the year 2004, I overdosed on cocaine and pain pills and died and went to hell. I cried out to God and made a covenant with Him, “If you get me out of here, I will live the rest of my life for you.” That is the night that God supernaturally touched me and changed my whole destiny. He brought me back from HELL and my life has never been the same. God has restored me and my family.

At the age of 45, I enrolled in college and got my degree from Valor Christian College. Upon graduation I was put in contact with Pastor Don Swarthout, the chairman of the board for CRAVE Ministry. He recognized my unquenchable desire for winning souls for the kingdom of God. So much so that he created a new ministry under the CRAVE Ministry umbrella called CRAVE Crusade. What we do is go into the inner city and hold a CRAVE Crusade. We minister to the people that nobody wants to minister to, such as the drug addict, alcoholic, the prostitute, the people that are in poverty and find themselves in a deep dark place. God has doubled our ministry every year. For instance last year our best crusade, there were over 3000 in attendance, we fed over 2000 people and over 600 people give their life to Jesus Christ. That Crusade was not held in a basketball arena or a football stadium; that was held in the middle of a neighborhood.

We here at CRAVE Crusade believe that God is positioning us for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit across America. We are poised and positioned to take CRAVE Crusade across the nation.

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