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CRAVE Crusade goes into cities big and small all across the country to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The most important thing in our ministry is winning souls for the kingdom of God. Then we focus on drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, gang activity and things of that nature.

What does a CRAVE Crusade look like?

You won’t find us downtown in the fancy auditoriums or in the large arenas. You will find CRAVE Crusade setting up in the poorest darkest hopeless parts of the city preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and offering salvation and deliverance. We have a day of fun, music and food.

  • We have live music all afternoon long.
  • We have a free cookout for the whole community. We feed over 2000 people on average.
  • We have testimonies from local men and women that have been delivered from drug addiction (very powerful).
  • Then we take the stage and offer salvation to the whole community.
  • After the altar call, we take our new brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus straight over to be baptized next to the platform.
  • After all that, then we have what we call the Big Giveaway.

Live Music

This is typically a local Christian band; no more than two bands.


The cookout usually consists of hot dogs, potato chips, homemade cookies and ice cold water.


Local men and women give their testimonies; no more than two, usually someone that has told their story several times with power. This person is on fire for Jesus.


At this point the founder and President of CRAVE Crusade takes the platform and reaps the harvest.


We go straight to baptism after salvation. That looks different at every crusade. For instance, last week, the city would not let us baptize in the park, so we went across the street and baptized 52 people in the front yard of a man’s house. Glory to God! His will be done.

The Big Giveaway

This is where we bless the community with things we give away like HD flat screen TV, Xbox 360, cell phones with minutes, bikes for the whole family. We also have given away a vehicle in the last three crusades and we are believing God for a vehicle for every CRAVE Crusade.

Currently, CRAVE Crusade is averaging two to three thousand people per crusade. We realize all cities are different. The biggest CRAVE Crusade to date is Franklinton; over 3000 in attendance. We fed over 2000 people and over 600 of them gave their life to Jesus Christ. Can I get an Amen?

To schedule your CRAVE Crusade, email us at cravetheword@gmail.com.

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